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What is Akina Media?

As a former writer for JTuner, Redline, Straight Six and Fast Car magazines… Akina Media is a place I dump my thoughts, experiences and photos taken either for work (rarely) or whilst on vacation. I’m not a photographer, but I’m happy to mess about with cameras. Check out my Instagram (mr_akina) and Facebook page too. Thanks for taking the time out to look at my site/page/instagram.


My 86 at Mt. Haruna
My 86 at Mt. Haruna

Why Akina?

Well, I’m an Initial D geek. I was introduced to the car-based anime in 2002 and immediately fell in love with the story, the cars and the area. For those not familiar with Initial D – it’s a story about a young boy who inadvertently becomes a street racing legend whilst delivering tofu in an old Toyota Trueno AE86 for his father’s shop. Based in Gunma prefecture, many of the locations in the story are real places – with the exception of the hero’s home course, Mount Akina (秋名). Although the road layout and features are real, this Mountain is actually called Haruna in real life.


The front of the inspirational Tofu Shop
The front of the inspirational Tofu Shop

How much of an Initial D geek am I?

Aside from a few models and manga books, I’m pretty much like any other Initial D fan… Maybe except for the fact that I rented an 86 (albeit a new 86), drove to the parking area at the top of Mt. Haruna/Akina (where the races start) and proposed to my girlfriend. Instead of a romantic dinner, flowers and Champagne – she got a spirited drive up a touge (mountain road) and a bottle of Pocari Sweat. Coincidentally, a man resembling Bunta from Initial D drove his hachiroku through the parking area just as I got up from my knee… She thought this was planned! It wasn’t, but it was awesome. A photo of your new fiancé in tears with an old 86 driving off to attack the mountain in the background is an image I will always treasure for many reasons (just don’t tell her that she’s kinda out of focus in the picture).


"Will you marry m... Oh sweet, a hachiroku!"
“Will you marry m… Oh sweet, a hachiroku!”



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