Feature: Cheddar Motopark

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If you’re following me on Facebook, you’ll have seen me going mad with the MotoX (Motocross? – I don’t know the prefered way of writing it, so let me know if I’m doing it wrong). About 40 minutes from me, is Cheddar Motopark; a facility in middle of nowhere that houses one of the best tracks in the south west (according to very little research and never having ridden it – but it looks ace).


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I’ve only ever been to one MotoX event and that was about 15 years ago (Des Nations at Foxhills, near Swindon), so aside from watching the Red Bull X-Fighters at Osaka Castle, Japan in 2014 (which isn’t really MotoX, I know), my knowledge of the sport is very limited. However, with camera in hand an open mind, I blasted across country to check it out.


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Firstly, this isn’t a ‘race’ meeting. It’s a practice track and operates like an old school track day; with groups depending on experience levels. You’d be hard pushed to spot the difference between the sessions – even the Juniors were well above any skill level I could hope to achieve (based on my Downhill MTB riding and failed motorcycling attempts), but nevertheless, these girls and guys hauled ass and made taking cool looking photos very easy.


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The galleries from the day are on Flickr:

Adults: MotoX Gallery

Juniors: Junior Gallery