Feature: Volkswagens of Ginza, Tokyo

It’s a well known fact that all cars look cooler with a Japanese license plate, here are some examples of how the Japanese can modify and restore Volkswagens with a touch of class. I know nothing more about these cars, other than they were all cruising around Ginza on a Sunday afternoon. Ginza is more famous for its high-end department stores than its car culture and you are more likely to see Ferraris and Maseratis than anything else. However, on this day, these proved a welcome distraction from the Italian supercars.


Beetles outside of Kabuki-za
Beetles outside of Kabuki-za


The rear tyres indicate all is not stock under the hood (trunk)
It’s hard not to grab attention in an orange Beetle


Morry’s Speed Shop, Type 1. The American hot-rod influence is obvious.


It’s not all about the modifications. This looks as fresh as the day it was new


Coolmint Design surf van looks so out of place in Tokyo, I love it!


Sometimes, less is more and this camper is pretty perfect…