Feature: Formula 5000 Lola T142

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Whether it’s the late ’60s Formula 1 looks or the roaring 5.0-litre V8, the Lola T142 is a British racing icon that conquered the world in the late sixties and early seventies. So dominant was the relatively budget Lola chassis, it all but killed off the F5000 racing in the USA. The series switched to sports car style bodies and resurrected the Can-Am championship in 1977.


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Unlike the American series, the British F5000 championship failed to lure the Formula 1 drivers and in 1976 the championship evolved into the Group 8 Championship. However, this wasn’t the end for the T142. The Lola continued to battle in Formula Libre (Free Formula) races until the mid-1980s.


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This car was stored for over 20 years before being restored for the ‘Salvage Squad’ TV programme, broadcast in 2002.┬áRoger Deans now competes in Midland Hillclimb Championship using this #36 chassis.


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