Gallery: Civic Type R Crash

“Motorsport can be dangerous.” A sentence that is written on every ticket for every motorsport venue around the country for very good reason. Andy Greenen found this out first hand as his day finished early with a very bent EP3. Fortunately, Andy walked away and looked relatively unhurt.

Andy shares the Civic Type R with his brother, Adam. They are currently sharing the lead in Class 4A (Roadgoing Production Cars up to 2000cc) in the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship. The brothers are one of the highlights of the championship as their flat-out driving style makes for some spectacular photos and consistently fast times. This was Andy’s second timed run of the day and this crash resulted in championship leader, Adam, not being able to set a time.

Unfortunately, Andy was beaten by the course today. Dropping wheels onto the grass entering the Karousel corner, he lost the rear and clipped the inside kerb. As the front end dug in and powerless to correct the slide, the car flipped into the air and landed on the opposite side of the track. The marshals and paramedics were swiftly on the scene and Andy signalled that he was ok. Hopefully the Greenen brothers will be back for the next round of their championship in September. I fear that this Civic will not.



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