Photo: Honda NSX at Daikoku Futo

This awesome Honda NSX was shot on my first trip to Japan back in 2006. I met up with Dino (from a time before he worked on Speedhunters) and a few other Skyline owners and cruised down to Daikoku (Daikoku Futo Parking Area) between Tokyo and Yokohama. Without a tripod or any kind of camera skill, I took a photo of this lonely looking NA1 NSX. It was parked at the opposite end to us and I never saw the owner.

Then, 8 years later (yes, eight!), a photo of a similar looking NA1 popped up in my Instagram recommendations feed; it was indeed the same NSX with the original owner and you can follow him too: JS_NSX 


Honda NSX shot in 2006
Honda NSX (Click to enlarge: 1920 x 1080)