Japan, December 15th 2014

Returning to Heathrow for a second day, it was looking like there were more issues when after 30 minutes, they still hadn’t given us a gate to depart from. By now, even the Japanese passengers were beginning to show signs of frustration. Once Gate 13 (you couldn’t make it up) was shown, everybody breathed a small sigh of relief. The mood was further lifted by the apparent confidence of the crew, something missing from the staff yesterday. Clapping ensued as we left the ground and aside from a weird halo surrounding our shadow on the clouds, we left UK airspace without incident.

As Emma ploughed on through as many films as she could, I was hypnotised by the meteor shower happening as we travelled over Siberia durning the night. Landing at Narita, the clear sky meant that Mount Fuji was in full view, surely a good sign for the journey ahead?!

Once landed it was time to go through immigration. The staff were very impressed with Emma’s Adidas top which reads アヂダス in katakana. We kinda thought wearing a Japanese text top in Japan might be seen as a bit laughable (like Superdry’s Engrish/Japanese on their logo), but apparently it’s quite the opposite – especially as Adidas haven’t released this range over here, yet.

Through security, we changed in the toilets and picked up our wifi parcel from the post office before boarding a bus to Shibuya. We’d planned to dump our cases in lockers and explore Shibuya before checking into our hotel at 3pm, but as there were no lockers free – and that we should have checked in yesterday – we decided to head to the hotel immediately. Fortunately, they held our room and we checked in around 12-ish. Showered, changed and weirdly awake, we headed back to Shibuya and spent the rest of the day shopping until we were almost falling asleep where we stood. Now awake at 4am, it’s time to get breakfast and see what today brings.