Japan, May 2014: Day Fourteen


Chilling out before heading into town for some dinner; our first impressions of Kagoshima have been exceeded on further exploration.

I woke at 5am to catch the sun rise from behind the volcano and I can’t wait to see the photos on something bigger than my phone! We eventually got up about 9:00 (nothing opens much before 11:00 anyway) and hopped on a streetcar from the station opposite our hotel. You can ride anywhere for about £1, so we rode it for a few stops to get us closer to the coast.

After a short walk we arrived at Dolphin Port; a collection of shops and restaurants that make a small seafront shopping arcade. Opposite Dolphin Port is a small park and unobstructed views across the water to the volcano.

As we sat, surrounded by ash particles that make up the soil here, we remembered that wild dolphins had been spotted locally (hence the name maybe?) and wandered along the promenade towards the ferry terminal and aquarium. It was then we spotted our first dolphin!

This wasn’t a wild one, but one out for some exercise, being ‘walked’ by one of the aquarium staff in a boat. In fact there were two dolphins, happily swimming and playing in a fenced off canal that adjoined two parts of the bay. This was a very public performance and it made us wonder why you would pay to go into the facility?! We stood and watched as dolphins played, ferries docked and volcanos erupted – it was quite surreal.

Walking back into town, we grabbed some lunch at fast food place ‘Sukiyaki’ maybe? Another bowl of beef and pork on rice – we say fast food, but in reality it’s a great deal nicer and served instantly. We looked around a local mall and big, expensive department store then headed back to refresh before dinner. Emma is currently asleep and I’m not far off, but there’s no chance of an early night as this is our last one here.