Japan, May 2014: Day Seven

Stay in a capsule hotel they said… It’ll be fun they said… No. Capsule hotels are hot, smelly and awful if you are carrying anything bigger than a purse. Don’t get me wrong, the capsule itself was clean, comfortable and surprisingly spacious – even for a fat westerner cuddled up against his suitcase. It was just the lack of air con, the overpowering smell of feet and the noise of other men snoring and farting that made it unbearable.

Emma was on a separate floor as women don’t mix with men – presumably they were all in their underwear having pillow fights (or whatever girls do) whilst I was stuck in Borstal.

After a combined 30 minutes sleep over 5 hours, I left the hotel at 5am and waited outside for Emma to get up. It was an experience never to be repeated, but at least we can tick that off the list of things to do in Japan.

By 6am we were roaming the streets, feeling like death and we still had 5 hours to kill until our train left. Jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop, we made our way around Tokyo Station at rush hour until it was time to board the Shinkansen.

Once aboard it was straight to sleep. We had 3 hours of train ride ahead of us, so we made the most of the comparative luxury of the Green Class seats. We slept past sights such as Yokohama and Mt. Fuji; I’m sure they were very impressive, but we had to recharge.

We’ve landed in Osaka and are staying in 西中島南方駅 or Nishinakajimaminamakata. It’s quite a mouthful, so if we get lost, I’ll be asking for the nearby town of Jūso and walking the rest of the way.

The hotel is nice, the area is quiet and safe – so we’re going to go exploring and try to find somewhere to wash our clothes. Here’s a photo of a fire truck… How do they cope with anything above the 2nd floor?!