Japan, May 2014: Day Thirteen

We were sad to end our stay in Takayama, but after a couple of days we’d kinda seen all there was to see and whilst being waited on hand and foot may be for some, we were looking forward to becoming independent again

Leaving the mountain town behind, we were heading as far south as the Shinkansen will take us. Once at Nagoya, we took the short trip to Osaka and hopped onto the Kyushu Shinkansen. The journey would last 4 hours, but we slept most of it. Arriving in Kagoshima dazed and confused, we were fortunate that the hotel was directly opposite the main station complex. The mall adjoined to the station has a ferris wheel on the roof and Emma was quite chuffed that this could be our view and quite verbal that she didn’t want to be on the rear of the building.

Fortunately again, her preparation for this holiday is lacklustre at best. We got the keys and headed up to our room on the 12th floor. Unfortunately for Em, we weren’t facing the Ferris wheel, but Sakurajima – a very large and very active volcano that dwarfs the city from across the bay.

I didn’t realise just how ‘active’ this active volcano is. As we sat in awe, the puffs of smoke and ash just keep coming.

Showered and refreshed, we headed out to the mall opposite in search of a new bag as Emma managed to break hers on arrival. After an hour or so of shopping we ended up in Joyfull Restaurant for dinner.

Joyfull is kinda like Harvester, but with all the decor of an early ’90s Wimpy. The menu is huge in both physical dimension (like A2 size) and content. Everything from Ramen to pizza and steak to curry is available – we chose sizzling steak chunks. Nothing here is in English, but there was pictures, so we played it deliciously safe.

A quick stop in Lawsons combini for some pudding and we’re back in the hotel. I wish we had longer here, but at least we have somewhere to return to on the next holiday.