Photo: Driftworks S14a

Driftworks’ D1GB Championship winning Nissan 200SX S14a was not only a legendary machine capable of keeping up with the Japanese D1GP stars; it grabbed the attention of the non-drifting community with its mid-body side exit exhaust and extreme styling. Its real advantage over the competition was the pilot. Phil Morrison’s flair, style and disregard for his own safety, ensured that this S14 was always on (and often way over) the limit of adhesion on every corner. This photo was taken at the J-Tuner cover shoot. Unveiling a new set of decals in the familiar Driftworks black/orange scheme and generally burning up Bruntingthorpe; the abrasive runway claimed the lives of  two sets of tyres in less than an hour, but it was worth it.


Driftworks’ S14 (Click to enlarge 1920 x 1080)