Photo: R246 Akasaka, Tokyo


If you’re a Gran Turismo fan, you may recognise the final hairpin of the R246 track in the photo. It wasn’t planned, but my hotel was located on the final corner of this fictional race track. We were coming back from Fuji Speedway when Mike pointed out that we were driving part of the track as we approached the hotel. As it was Golden Week and the roads were quiet, we ended up doing a hot lap of the circuit in his Subaru Legacy B4.


Located in Akasaka (not to be confused with Asakusa), the circuit runs past many embassies, the National Stadium and the spectacular Akasaka Palace complex. For a street circuit, this is fast. Unfortunately it’s complete fictional (except for the location) and it’ll never actually be raced. Formula E should take note.

The picture is composed of a series of photographs taken from a small footbridge underneath the Metropolitan Expressway No. 4 (Shinjuku Route). I didn’t have a tripod, so I balanced the camera on the handrail for every shot… Not bad eh?!

R246 Akasaka (Click to enlarge 1920 x 1280)