Road Trip 2017: Idaho (Arco to Nampa)

Day, errr, whatever?! Staying in Arco (the first community in the world to be powered by a nuclear reactor) has been a bit of a double-edged sword. The RV is cool, the campsite is nice; but it’s a 120-mile round trip to the nearest town.

However, 60 miles away in the nearest town of Blackfoot is the Idaho Potato museum, and that sounds right up our street. It didn’t disappoint. With a baked potato for breakfast, we made our way into the exhibition. Spuddy Buddy mascot cuddly toy in hand, we learnt about the exciting world of potato production. It’s a different world out here.

Our time in the east of Idaho had come to an end all too soon and it was time to drive across state, 289 miles to be exact.

Again, it could have been much less and much quicker than our eight hour jaunt if we had taken the sat nav’s route. Instead, we used a real, paper map and manually nav’d our way north through the Lost River valley and up into the Sawtooth Mountains.

This is exactly how I pictured Idaho. Teeming with wildlife, beautiful, expansive views and scenery that makes you slam on your brakes or U-turn the truck because someone should paint the shit out of this image as nobody would believe it back home. Fortunately, we have phones and cameras to try to capture the amazing landscape – but honestly it doesn’t do it justice.

There are campsites every mile or so and pull-outs are just as frequent, so we took every opportunity to stop and stare. Venturing as far into the wilderness as we would dare on foot (this is bear country!) or just bang the truck in 4WD and see if we can avoid getting stuck.

We found a perfect spot for lunch, a barely marked dirt track that lead to remains of a campfire and a stunning turquoise, fast running river. Shaded from the sun, we ate before braving nature and exploring the river and cliff edge. Not one for creepy crawlies, Emma did so well to ramble around the area before being buzzed by a butterfly as big as your hand! …it was then time to leave.

The mountain roads climbed, dropped and climbed again as 200 miles passed all too soon.

Travelling miles without seeing another car, we eventually made it out of the forests and back to civilisation. We would do it all again tomorrow if we could, however, we have other plans…