Road Trip 2017: Las Vegas

Day one: With our body clocks screaming 5am, we push on. Picking up the massive Yukon XL and swapping sim cards to local variants, we delay checking into the hotel to do a spot of shopping in east Las Vegas. After a Carl’s Jr lunch, we found a Kmart having a closing down sale and snap up some bargains before stocking up on supplies in Sam’s Club. Knowing the back streets of the city like freaking locals, we made our way to the hotel without having to negotiate the death trap that is the I-15 freeway.

Before anyone comments that 45 degrees in Vegas is ok because it’s a ‘dry heat’; remember that opening the car door is akin to opening your oven… every time we get out, we’re checking whether we’ve still got eyebrows

Dropping our luggage in the room, we were back out and heading to Walmart for more retail therapy. With our bodies screaming enough as we’d now been awake well over 24 hours, we grabbed dinner at Raising Cane’s and made our way to bed.

Day One Gallery:

Day two: To paraphrase Deep Blue Something, “Emma said, what about, breakfast at Hooters?” Which sounded great weeks beforehand, but with a packed schedule and feeling hungover as shit from the jetlag, it was a struggle to get out of bed. However, we made it and it was actually pretty good!

All of our road trips have either started in, or passed through LV, and if you’re thinking about exploring the West, you need to experience the scale, spectacle, variety and ridiculousness of the place.

It’s our last day in Las Vegas and after breakfast, we had a short walk whist the temperature rose into the late 30s before heading to Topgolf. Located behind the MGM Grand, Topgolf has a DJ, a pool and air conditioned bays to hang out in. Emma appears to be some kind of golf prodigy, racking up an unattainable 1st Round score as I edged closer to throwing my golf racquet down the fairway in frustration. After Round 2 and Emma graciously allowing me to tie the game at a marriage-friendly 1-1, we jumped in the truck and drove uptown to the Arts District.

Madame Tussauds’ Last Supper, in the back of an unassuming antiques store

The Arts District (aka 18b) is located between the Strip and Downtown areas, a kind of no-mans-land of the city. Lurking in streets just behind Las Vegas Boulevard, you’d be ill advised to walk around here after dark, but in the burning morning sun, it’s pretty awesome. Graffiti and antiques stores full of items recovered from torn down casinos – including a Madame Tussauds exhibit of The Last Supper.

The evening was spent wandering the Strip. After dinner at Treasure Island, I walked a (now hammered) Emma and her souvenir margarita boot down to the Mirage volcano and the Bellagio fountains before people-watching until we couldn’t walk any further.

There’s so many reasons I hate Vegas, but the 36 hours we’ve spent here have been some of the best and my love for Sin City has been partially renewed.

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