Japan, December 25th 2014

25th December 2014

After the cancellation of our original flight, I tweeted Virgin Atlantic and jokingly asked if they would change our return flight for free – waving the £100 admin fee. To my surprise, they phoned me immediately and did everything they could to help. We were due to return on Christmas Eve, but with their help, we rearranged our departure date to Boxing Day. This meant that we could spend Christmas…


Japan, June 2014: Day Twenty Six

9th June 2014

With the rainy season in full swing and sporting new umbrellas, we headed out for our first proper shopping trip of this holiday. Our destination, Akihabara, is synonymous with electronic goods and crazy toys – so this was going to be a long day. Akihabara station has two main exits; one to Electric Town (the hub of the techy stores) and the other to Yodobashi Camera’s flagship store… which is…


Japan, May 2014: Day Thirteen

26th May 2014

We were sad to end our stay in Takayama, but after a couple of days we’d kinda seen all there was to see and whilst being waited on hand and foot may be for some, we were looking forward to becoming independent again Leaving the mountain town behind, we were heading as far south as the Shinkansen will take us. Once at Nagoya, we took the short trip to Osaka…