Photo: Itasha in Akihabara

24th December 2014

This pair of Itasha cars pulled up at the lights as I walked home from shopping in Akihabara. Both the Toyota Celica T230 and the Nissan Silvia S15 were adored with images of Hanayo Koizumi, a character from Love Live! School Idol Project – a manga/anime based on an Idol band inspired by Akihabara’s own AKB48.  


Japan, December 21st 2014

21st December 2014

Whilst incapacitated yesterday, the thought of a day walking around town was a distant dream as I drifted in and out of opiate induced unconsciousness. However, despite the pain this morning, I soldiered on like a little hero as we headed off to the station. Our destination was Ginza, a handful of stops on our metro line and within a reasonable taxi ride if I should be rendered disabled again….


Photo: Hozomon Gate, Senso-ji, Asakusa

18th December 2014

Once you have battled your way to the end of Nakamise-dori, you will pass through Hozomon Gate, the Treasure-House Gate; this marks the inner sanctuary of Senso-ji and this photo was taken looking at the north face with Nakamise-dori in the background. As with most of my photos, it probably could have been improved with an ND filter and tripod – but this is vacation, not a profession. Handheld and set at f/22…


Photo: Inaricho Station

15th December 2014

Inaricho was our local station when we stayed near the more popular destination of Ueno. Inaricho is famous as a Funeral Shrine town – so who wouldn’t like to stay there? OK, maybe being known as a Funeral Shrine town isn’t something that will pull in the tourists from abroad; but it is a great location for staying in Tokyo (especially on a budget). Inaricho Station is located on the…


Japan, December 15th 2014

15th December 2014

Returning to Heathrow for a second day, it was looking like there were more issues when after 30 minutes, they still hadn’t given us a gate to depart from. By now, even the Japanese passengers were beginning to show signs of frustration. Once Gate 13 (you couldn’t make it up) was shown, everybody breathed a small sigh of relief. The mood was further lifted by the apparent confidence of the…


Japan, December 2014: Day One (again, kinda)

14th December 2014

With the months of buildup leading to our final day in the country, and with only an evening at work between us and Tokyo, the news, “Air Traffic Control Chaos” wasn’t exactly how I had envisioned this night beginning. “Flights cancelled”, “Aircraft grounded”, “Planes diverted”… I was feeling pretty helpless reading the drama ensuing at Heathrow as I walked to work. With Em at home checking our flight status, it appeared…


Photo: Honda NSX at Daikoku Futo

1st November 2014

This awesome Honda NSX was shot on my first trip to Japan back in 2006. I met up with Dino (from a time before he worked on Speedhunters) and a few other Skyline owners and cruised down to Daikoku (Daikoku Futo Parking Area) between Tokyo and Yokohama. Without a tripod or any kind of camera skill, I took a photo of this lonely looking NA1 NSX. It was parked at…


Japan, June 2014: Home

14th June 2014

I thought I should provide some conclusion now we’ve arrived back in the UK. Absolutely knackered and in need of another holiday, hopefully we’ve showed that Japan is way more than just Tokyo and Kyoto; and maybe inspired people to venture out of the usual tourist spots. We basically spent the last couple of days shopping and filling our suitcases with toys. Accepting that we’ll be returning next year, we…


Japan, June 2014: Day Twenty Seven

10th June 2014

With all the major Tokyo guidebook-filling landmarks still to see in our last few days, we jumped on the subway and headed as far away from the city centre as we could by metro. After visiting Universal Studios in Osaka, we couldn’t leave Japan without also visiting Disneyland Tokyo. Still suffering with a bit of vertigo exacerbated by last nights cruise, a theme park seemed like a good way to…


Japan, June 2014: Day Twenty Six

9th June 2014

With the rainy season in full swing and sporting new umbrellas, we headed out for our first proper shopping trip of this holiday. Our destination, Akihabara, is synonymous with electronic goods and crazy toys – so this was going to be a long day. Akihabara station has two main exits; one to Electric Town (the hub of the techy stores) and the other to Yodobashi Camera’s flagship store… which is…