Feature: A Museum Unlike Any Other (Part 2: Cars)

27th January 2015

Having looked around the Toy part of the museum, it was time to explore the classic cars of the Yokota Collection. Masahiro Yokota has collected and meticulously restored some of Japan’s most iconic cars. Spread over three floors, they range from the modest to the marvelous. We start on the lowest of the three floors and are immediately introduced to some of the weird and wonderful cars that kickstarted the…


Feature: Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited

22nd January 2015

Ok, it’s an Initial D post and if you’re not a fan, then don’t worry – you’re probably here because you like either; A) Japan, B) Cars or C) Cool Shit; and you can see the photos – so you already know this is going to be awesome.   Initial D Arcade Stage games have been a ‘thing’ in Japan since around 2001. Rarely seen outside of Japanese waters, you will…


Attack on Akina

4th June 2014

If, like me, you are a bit of an Initial D fan; then you will be pleased to know that despite the government’s best efforts to slow down the traffic (there are huge bumps along the straights between the collection of  hairpins at the base), racers still attack the mountain – and attack it hard. The road is scarred with drift marks and bent barriers. I’ve seen a couple of cars (RX8…


Dragon Performance RX-7

19th June 2013

  This is a feature I wrote for Fast Car Magazine #297, back in 2010; now featured on Speedhunters.com. The famous flaming exhaust shot was a combo of my steady driving, Richard Clothier-Smith’s bravery and Jamie Lipman’s awesome photography skills. No rigs or Photoshop involved with this image, just the complete disregard of another human being’s safety for your enjoyment.