Photo: Downtown Osaka

6th October 2015

Dotonbori (道頓堀) is one of the main tourist destinations in Japan’s second city. The bright lights and lavishly decorated storefronts are not unique to Osaka, but the riverside setting and great atmosphere make it a must-see on any visit to the area.        


Japan, May 2014: Day Ten

23rd May 2014

After yesterday’s excitement of Universal Studios, we deserved a day of rest and relaxation. Deciding on a leisurely trip to the local castle, we headed off on the subway for Osaka station. Once at Osaka we planned to swap lines and make a beeline for the station closest to the castle entrance; however, I couldn’t help popping my head above ground like a startled meerkat to see exactly what we…


Japan, May 2014: Day Nine

22nd May 2014

Well, we do like a good theme park and as we made the effort to travel to Osaka, it wouldn’t have been right to leave without sampling Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Emma has been to the Universal in Florida and so this had potential to be a big disappointment. In true Matt & Emma fashion, no research had gone into USJ. We’d attempted to buy tickets in Lawsons (a local…


Japan, May 2014: Day Eight

21st May 2014

Sitting with a beer from the vending machine downstairs, it’s time to reflect on what may be our favourite city in Japan. Osaka has all the liveliness of parts of Tokyo, but within a much more focused area. The architecture is wild, the people are super friendly and the food has been amazing. We’ve only spent 36hrs here, yet I’d happily move in. Without a plan and with the threat…