Feature: Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited

22nd January 2015

Ok, it’s an Initial D post and if you’re not a fan, then don’t worry – you’re probably here because you like either; A) Japan, B) Cars or C) Cool Shit; and you can see the photos – so you already know this is going to be awesome.   Initial D Arcade Stage games have been a ‘thing’ in Japan since around 2001. Rarely¬†seen outside of Japanese waters, you will…


Dragon Performance RX-7

19th June 2013

  This is a feature I wrote for Fast Car Magazine #297, back in 2010; now featured on Speedhunters.com. The famous flaming exhaust shot was a combo of my steady driving,¬†Richard Clothier-Smith’s bravery and Jamie Lipman’s awesome photography skills. No rigs or Photoshop involved with this image, just the complete disregard of another human being’s safety for your enjoyment.