Japan, June 2014: Home

14th June 2014

I thought I should provide some conclusion now we’ve arrived back in the UK. Absolutely knackered and in need of another holiday, hopefully we’ve showed that Japan is way more than just Tokyo and Kyoto; and maybe inspired people to venture out of the usual tourist spots. We basically spent the last couple of days shopping and filling our suitcases with toys. Accepting that we’ll be returning next year, we…


Japan, June 2014: Day Nineteen

2nd June 2014

Up and out the door, we marched in the early morning heat to Kyoto Station; somewhat sad that we missed so much of this wonderful city, but also happy knowing that we had an awesome few days and will return! I’ve totally stolen Emma’s newest addition to the family – Danbo – a small toy of a cardboard robot. You’ll see this appearing frequently on our Facebook and Instagram feeds….


Japan, May 2014: Day Three

15th May 2014

This will be a short one tonight. Jet lag and walking over 20 miles in the last three days means that we are in bed by 11pm. Today we visited Shibuya and the surrounding area. Shibuya is┬áJapan. Every time Japan is referenced on TV or in movies, the first image you will see is Shibuya crossing. The dramatic scene of an uncountable number of people streaming over pedestrian crossings that…


Japan, May 2014: Day Two

14th May 2014

Despite not sleeping for 30+hrs, our body clocks decided that 3hrs was plenty of time to recharge and that we should definitely get up to see a Tokyo sunrise. After wandering around our (surprisingly active for 4:30am) neighbourhood, we noted a few things. Firstly, the Japanese know how to party. It’s Wednesday morning, after a school night no less, and many are stumbling out of bars and restaurants as we’re…


Japan, May 2014: Day One

13th May 2014

Seven days ago, it was touch and go whether either of us would be fit enough to fly; however, we battled on and took a lot of (mostly prescribed) drugs to get here! So, after a week of drama, hospital visits and doctors appointments, we’ve finally landed in Tokyo! With our body clock screaming 1AM, we wandered around the building site of Narita’s Terminal One in search of the elusive…