Photo: Hozomon Gate, Senso-ji, Asakusa

18th December 2014

Once you have battled your way to the end of Nakamise-dori, you will pass through Hozomon Gate, the Treasure-House Gate; this marks the inner sanctuary of Senso-ji and this photo was taken looking at the north face with Nakamise-dori in the background. As with most of my photos, it probably could have been improved with an ND filter and tripod – but this is vacation, not a profession. Handheld and set at f/22…


Japan, May 2014: Day Seventeen

31st May 2014

So 5:30am came around quick. Time to rise and shrine as we were off to Inari, a town south east of Kyoto.Inari is famous for one thing, the Shinto shrine to the god of rice. The pathway to the shine atop of Mt. Inari is lined with thousands of torii gates (donated by Japanese businesses) along the 4km route. It’s the #1 attraction when visiting Kyoto according to the guidebooks…


Japan, May 2014: Day Sixteen

30th May 2014

It’s so ridiculously hot, we’ve adopted a no sun policy and will currently do all we can to avoid being out in the heat during the day. However, we missed a mall yesterday and so decided to hit that before jumping on a train to a shrine – how very Kyoto of us. The plan was to walk through the station to the mall and then use the JR Pass…


Japan, May 2014: Day Fifteen

29th May 2014

Our last morning in Kagoshima was spent wandering around a local shopping street. We waved goodbye to Sakurajima, dumped our bags in lockers and explored the area behind the station. Unlike the central part of town, this is a sleepier backwater. The residents are of the older generation and tend to their shops in a more relaxed manner. As nothing opened until 10:00, we strolled around taking photos and planning…


Japan, May 2014: Day Three

15th May 2014

This will be a short one tonight. Jet lag and walking over 20 miles in the last three days means that we are in bed by 11pm. Today we visited Shibuya and the surrounding area. Shibuya is Japan. Every time Japan is referenced on TV or in movies, the first image you will see is Shibuya crossing. The dramatic scene of an uncountable number of people streaming over pedestrian crossings that…