Feature: Takayama Koi

20th August 2015

  The picturesque city¬†of Takayama is located in the Hida region of Gifu Prefecture. At around 5-hours from Tokyo and 3.5-hours from Kyoto by train, Takayama is a great place to visit if you fancy a break from the big cities. Taking the Shinkansen from either Tokyo or Kyoto will require a change of train at Nagoya. If you plan your trip¬†correctly, the second half of your journey will be…


Japan, May 2014: Day Thirteen

26th May 2014

We were sad to end our stay in Takayama, but after a couple of days we’d kinda seen all there was to see and whilst being waited on hand and foot may be for some, we were looking forward to becoming independent again Leaving the mountain town behind, we were heading as far south as the Shinkansen will take us. Once at Nagoya, we took the short trip to Osaka…


Japan, May 2014: Day Twelve

25th May 2014

Today we have been mostly walking around the small town of Takayama. It’s been nice not to have to travel on a train (either Shinkansen or subway) to start the day and so we woke up late – which greatly annoyed our hosts. We had breakfast booked for 8am, but as we woke at 7:45 we decided to skip it and grab something later. Unfortunately our no-show in the dining…


Japan, May 2014: Day Eleven

24th May 2014

You know that face you make when you’ve been standing next to a train for 3 minutes and just as you watch it leave you realise you were supposed to be on it? Well we were sporting that exact expression of confused despair as the Hikari 464 pulled out of Shin-Osaka.“I think we were supposed to be on that!” Is something I’d rather never have to say again. We had…