Japan, December 25th 2014

25th December 2014

After the cancellation of our original flight, I tweeted Virgin Atlantic and jokingly asked if they would change our return flight for free – waving the £100 admin fee. To my surprise, they phoned me immediately and did everything they could to help. We were due to return on Christmas Eve, but with their help, we rearranged our departure date to Boxing Day. This meant that we could spend Christmas…


Japan, December 15th 2014

15th December 2014

Returning to Heathrow for a second day, it was looking like there were more issues when after 30 minutes, they still hadn’t given us a gate to depart from. By now, even the Japanese passengers were beginning to show signs of frustration. Once Gate 13 (you couldn’t make it up) was shown, everybody breathed a small sigh of relief. The mood was further lifted by the apparent confidence of the…


Japan, December 2014: Day One (again, kinda)

14th December 2014

With the months of buildup leading to our final day in the country, and with only an evening at work between us and Tokyo, the news, “Air Traffic Control Chaos” wasn’t exactly how I had envisioned this night beginning. “Flights cancelled”, “Aircraft grounded”, “Planes diverted”… I was feeling pretty helpless reading the drama ensuing at Heathrow as I walked to work. With Em at home checking our flight status, it appeared…